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S.A. Kraemer, CEO of ProElder Services, has a master's degree in counseling from Wayne State College, Wayne, Nebraska, and studied "Elder Law" and "Health Care Policy and the Law" at the University of South Dakota in Vermillion, S.D. She also has a Ph.D in Philosophy.

She is licensed in Iowa, Nebraska and Kansas as a nursing home administrator/preceptor; is a certified guardian and holds a bachelors degree in theology-ordained and is a spiritually adopted member of the Nemenhah Band.

Kraemer has served as an administrator, preceptor ,interim administrator, and trouble shooter for various nursing homes in Nebraska, Iowa and Kansas and spent several years years as a nursing home social worker, medication aid, and nurse aid. She has also delivered workshops on elder abuse throughout the state of South Dakota.

Kraemer currently serves as an interim administrator and trouble shooter, and offers other elder services from ProElder Retreat headquarters in Nebraska.