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Wateroz Minerals:
Excellent liquid mineral supplements. ProElder Distributor ID#25125. For ordering or more information call 1-800-547-2294 (toll free).

United Natural Foods - The Academy of Natural Healing Arts is the site of a non-membership, no management fee organic food co-op. Call for details.

The Academy of Natural Healing Arts

The Academy of Natural Healing Arts offers a suite of services for those who elect natural therapies non harmful to the body. Services offered are therapeutic drainage massage, the chi, multiwave oscillator and rife therapy,homeopathic counseling, past life therapy, pendulum testing of emotions, trauma's, vitamins, foods and the energy of water consumed. The Academy offers spiritual counseling for the dying and for the family following a death.

The Academy does not prescribe nor diagnose illnesses nor pretends to heal the body. Each individual has the power to heal oneself with the proper knowledge and permission to do so.

The Academy teaches organic gardening and conservation practices which honor Mother Earth and is the site of a United Natural Organic Foods co-op.